What Governor’s wives in Nigeria should learn from America’s First Lady, Michelle Obama

It is appalling that 98.9% of  Governor’s wives  in Nigeria walk around with their faces molded like excreta to avoid making eye contact with you (for security reasons). Some call it “protocol”, I call it foolishness. With all due respect, they all need to take a good look at America’s first Lady Michelle Obama  and learn how the worlds most powerful woman carries herself in humility, poise and grace.   

HOW she potrays herself in Public and HOW she endears herself to people. It is not about sharing akpa rice to women and cutting cake with children. There is what we call PR!


This picture  with Mrs. Obama rocking her skinny jeans went viral on the internet.  It was from the Kids Choice Award over the weekend.


The first thing that came to our mind when we saw it  was ,  “wouldn’t it be  nice to see our beloved mummy, Dame Patience  Jonathan   trade her ichafu (headtie) and nja (wrapper) for this trendy look?   Before we could complete the question in our head, our mind replied us  and said “Sharrap, what kind of question is that?  n’uwa nke Jesus? Are you mad ni? ” LOL!



Jokes apart, you don’t need to meet Mrs.Obama one on one to tell she is down to earth and does not walk around with a bloated ego. We have seen photos of her exercising with kids…We have also seen photos of Mrs Obama doing push ups …

The picture below shows Mrs.Obama and her eldest daughter  alighting from Airforce one…simply dressed in casuals.


Not too long ago we saw a picture of her actually pushing her own shopping cart in a Target store. This particular store chain caters for  low- medium income families. What was a President’s wife looking for  there?   Again, that’s part of what we call PR!!!

As you are reading this, can you vouch for one  Local Government Chairman’s wife  not to talk of a Governor’s wife   who will be spotted dead/alive carrying her own shopping bags or pushing her own cart in their local market?  LOL!!!  Useless ajuju!

Ihe anyi macha kwa.



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