Proposed 4th – Tier govt in Imo State runs into hitch; House of Assembly returns bill to Governor.


Hmm. Na wa o. Yesterday, a local news paper in the state reported that the House of Assembly returned  the 4th-tier government bill back to the Governor.

According to the State House of Assembly,   passing such Bill into law will get them in trouble with the Federal Government because there is no provision for a 4TH TIER of government anywhere in the Nigerian constitution.

 Also, the Traditional Rulers whom the Governor said would be entrusted to head the 4TH TIER government are by constitution meant to be apolitical and should not be involved with politics and administration.

From what we’ve gathered, for the 4TH TIER government to work, the Governor would have to continue running it the way it has been with just his Community speakers and leave the Eze’s out. The President Generals, Woman Leader and Youth Leader should continue with their own jobs.

Calls made to the House of Assembly were not immediately returned.



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