Public service is not welfarism – Okorocha

GVGovernor, Rochas Okorocha has said that he does not need more than 200 workers in the state’s civil service. Okorocha also complained that the state was spending too much on salaries for civil servants.
The governor made the comments during a recent interview with The Independent.

“I don’t need more than 200 workers at the civil service of Imo State but I need more than 100,000 in the agricultural sector of the state. It’s like if this nation makes $1 trillion every day and ends up paying salaries with it, there still will be no progress,” he said.

“If I have 70 percent of money that comes to the state for capital expenditure, Imo State would look like London in the next five years.“Public service is not welfarism, unless we are having a welfare state, where people can sit down and expect money. We have what is called governance by investment and not people sitting down and collecting money because that money they collect does not aid production,” he added.

Meanwhile, the federal government is planning to give another bailout to states which are finding it difficult to pay their workers.



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