RE: 1994 Bench Warrant against Imo State Deputy Governor, Jude Agbaso

Dear Loyal readers,

As you may be aware, Online discussion forums and  Blog sites have recently been awash with the story of a purported Bench Warrant issued against the Deputy Governor of Imo State, Sir Jude Agbaso. Make no mistake this issue has been raised several times within the last year.

To each and everyone who has contacted us on this issue, IMO STATE is not unaware of the current resurgence  of interest in this story. However,  in accordance with the set principles of the Moderator and Contributors to this website, we will only comment on the referenced issue after a thorough investigation.

 We understand that for some Blogs, there is only one side to a story – the side that is aligned to the dictates of the Writer’s heartbeat.

For other Blogs, there are two sides to a story but, for IMO STATE, we strive to ensure that our stories consist of the facts.

We let our readers judge for themselves.

On this note, we promise our readers a true and unbiased account of the affair. Developing. . . .

Watch this space

Joi John 



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