Tribunal upholds election of Senator Chris Anyanwu

Just a few days ago, we rejoiced with Amb.Matthew Nwagwu when the Petition filed  by Chief Cosmas Iwu was thrown out of the window. This time, we are rejoicing with none other than our beautiful Senator elect for the Owerri Zone, Madam Chris Anyanwu.

Yesterday, the Imo State Election Tribunal flung out the Court papers of Amb.Kema Chikwe and upheld the Election of Sen. Chris Anyanwu. Just like every other  Candidate who was defeated at the 2011 Elections, Amb. Chikwe went  to Court in attempt to challenge Sen.Anyanwu’s victory.

 Even though Nda Kema should be applauded for withdrawing her case before the  Tribunal sat, many wondered why there was a Case in the first place when official INEC results show that she lost out in her own Ward.

How does a Politician loose out in their own Polling Booth  and summon courage to contest the overall election results biko nu?

The same question I asked Chief Cosmas Iwu is the same question I have for Amb.Kema Chikwe. Did we go to Court  seeking  the VOTE of the PEOPLE or to seek the VOTE of the COURT?

When will our Politicians learn to accept defeat graciously? Come to think of it, we really don’t need to be in Power to effect the change we want for our Communities. Every little thing counts.

Moving right along. . . . .

Congratulations Nneoma, Sen. Chris Anyanwu.  All eyes on you, ma!   Now we can  return to work and focus on the issues needing your attention on behalf of your Constituency.

Let’s do more this time around . . . . .

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