RE: #BringBackOurLion: LOL! Do you really believe a lion escaped from Nekede Zoo?

lionSo yesterday, you read here on IMO STATE BLOG that a lion reportedly escaped from Nekede Zoo. As funny as the report sounds, we can’t help but wonder if indeed the Nekede Zoo housed a Lion since it had been run down for years. How did the Lion escape? Where were the handlers when it reportedly escaped? Did the carnivorous animal whose diet depends largely on the flesh of mammals devour the first human being in sight? What direction did it run to? Did anyone get to see it before it vanished? The questions are endlesss .

Meanwhile, the Imo State House of Assembly has urged the executive arm of the State government to urgently declare a state of emergency on the state’s zoological garden, Nekede. The House has unanimously urged the member representing Owerri West State constituency, Hon. Obulimba Innocent Ekeh, to immediately take an on – the – spot assessment of the zoo to ascertain the veracity of the rumour of the missing lion and subsequently report back to it. Stay tuned.



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