Willie Amadi, where are thou?

Willy Amadi where are thou?

Owerri town needs a stern enforcer of your kind. I cannot behold the rate of indiscipline in Owerri, indiscriminate dumping of refuse, criss-crosing of reserved gardens, no street-light, dirty roads, filled/blocked drainages, erection of structures on and across the drainages by individuals and governmentt, illegal motor packs especially Control axis, the gate-way of the State, Ama JK, Rotobi/Douglas, Mbaise road. Orlu road, Okigwe road, just to mention but the above.

Honestly, we need Willy Amadi or his replica. Dont your think so?

Imolites, what sayeth thee?

Was Barr. Willie Amadi the Messiah we failed to  appreciate?


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