ASSASINATION ATTEMPT: Who is after former Onuimo TC Chairman, Jeff Imo?

It was just yesterday we read a report from Mba Ogbonnaya where he highlighted the murder attempt on Chief Jeff Imo (former Transition Chairman, Onuimo Local government Area). On Sunday, Chief Jeff Imo was traced to his house, then to Concorde Hotel. These were no ordinary citizens, there were men of the Nigerian Police force.

Eye witnesses said that the Policemen approached Chief Jeff Imo’s  private security detail and began challenging them. During the altercation that ensued, the private security detail were wounded and dumped at the House of Assembly Police Station, New Owerri.


Following Sunday’s incident, Chief Jeff Imo  went to the State  Police command to file for police protection. His request was turned down. Can somebody please explain why the Imo State Police Command would turn down such request from a citizen whose life is clearly in danger let alone one who had served the State?

It will be recalled that Governor Okorocha’s elder sister narrowly escaped being killed in Imo a few weeks back.  Earlier today, we reported the cold blood murder of Speaker Uwajumogu’s Special Adviser on Administration. There have been numerous reports of assassination  attempts in recent weeks. It will be wrong to point fingers carelessly at opposition parties but it is very clear that there is danger.

Indigenes of Onuimo, it was from your own mouths we heard  how productive Chief Imo was during his tenure as T.C Chairman. Will you sit and fold hands till your son is killed like okuko?

 Imolites, na kwa echeki.



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