REGRETS: AMB.Kema Chikwe Failed Imo State as Aviation Minister

Looking back, I cannot help but regret that the Sam Mbakwe Airport was not upgraded to an International Standard during the tenure of Amb.Dr. Kema Chikwe as Minister of Aviation. If wishes were horses, the picture above would have been the look of  our Airport. Unfortunately, you are just looking at a mere drawing. It is painful. All because of the sour relationship with Former Governor, Achike Udenwa, Imo lites were denied an opportunity  of an International Airport. Is it fair?

Is it not a shame that we had a whole Minister of Aviation in our State and we cannot even boast of an International Airport? Now, you can imagine how flabbergasted I was to read the message below from Ambassador Chikwe’s daughter (Name withheld for security reasons)


IMO STATE: Change is always a good thing, its what you do with the change that matters. Congrats Owelle..please can you make Owerri Airport an International Airport so I can fly LHR-OW(first class please) in December and not be scared of kidnappers on my way home to Emekuku and maybe take my kids to somewhere other than Gaygill, Johnny Stores, Best Lady, Maris Supermarket and Concorde Pool Side#justsaying


Can you imagine?

Which Owelle should make Owerri Airport an International Airport . . . . .  so you can fly from London Heathrow to Owerri (FIRST CLASS PLEASE).. . .  . .  the same Owelle that was framed and dismissed from N.A.M.A in a movie plot produced and directed by your mother, who so happens to be our beloved former Minister ?

 I still dey laugh.

Anyway, my response was:


. . .  PDP had four years to make the Airport an International Airport. We also lost out on that opportunity with Amb.Kema Chikwe as Minister of Aviation.

Ladies  & Gentleman, I don’t need to tell you that my Comment was OHAKIMED (removed). What sort of comment does one expect to get from such a foolish question?

Not only that, you dont want to be scared of Kidnappers on your way home to Emekuku . . . . .  on which road? Do we have a FLY OVER or EXPRESS WAY that leads to Emekuku? How smooth are the roads in IMO STATE to speed and bypass any Kidnapper?

When you were being chauffeured from Port Harcourt International Airport in Bullet proof vehicles with Bump resistant tires and Security escorts, you didnt know Owerri had kidnappers? Sorry o! Welcome to REALITY 1O1.

I am sick to my stomach and I make no apologies for not being able to hide it.How can you not to know that those who live in glass houses dont throw stones? When you know your Mother, the much respected Nda Kema denied Imo State the opportunity of an International Airport,  how can you be so ignorant to make such a public plea to the Governor who was once dismissed for no wrong  doing of his own  courtesy of _______________? Now, the tables have turned, you throw shame out of the window in making such a miserable plea to the same person? UNBELIEVABLE my dear!

No be only First class. . .infact, we will build a separate arrival and departure terminal for those of you who will be flying in and out in your SPACE SHUTTLES.

While those of us that can only afford the  one cabin Legedez Benz  aircrafts   manage the Airport the way it is.

When you were flying in from Port Harcourt International Airport while Mummy was Minister,   you didnt know Owerri Airport needed to be upgraded to an International Airport. When you were being chaffeured in Bullet Proof Vehicles with Security . . . . you didnt know that kidnapping was the order of the day in Owerri.

Father, forgive me for expressing my disgust.

As Presido has gathered his Disciples, We cannot afford to have another Minister, Senator or Ambassador  use our grassroot support only to get to the Federal Level and be singing another tune. If anyone of them will repeat the same mistakes  of their predecessors, please give the President the courage to kick them out without thinking twice.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria







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