REVIEW: List of outrageous number of Special Assistants appointed in Imo State

Still on this issue of newly appointed Special Assistants in Imo State. . . Did Governor Okorocha really need 75+ disciples to join him in the Rescue Mission? I am confused.

How did the House of Assembly approve this? Are these newly hired Special Assistants in the best interest of the State? I learnt as of this morning, there are a total of 89. . .  not even 75. I have even heard 100.  Conflicting info but be as it may, anything more than 25 is outrageous.

For crying out loud, what use are these disciples in a State that claims to be on a Rescue Mission running on a limited budget?

Can somebody explain the role of an S.A on Igbo affairs?  Since we have positions for Technical, Electric, Comedy, we might as well have complimented the list with Positions for Keke-Napep, SSA Taxi , SSA Okada and ofcourse yours truly wouldnt have turned down a SSA position on BLOG AFFAIRS

Infact, my own na double Portfolio.

S.A BLOG Affairs & Hon.Commissioner , Facebook / Internet Duties. Na to swear me in remain.  lwkmd!!! Naija we hail thee!!

Governor Okorocha no dey carry last at all. Unbelievable!!!!

This is a rescue mission; we already declared we met an empty State treasury. . . .a few weeks back, we celebrated the slashing of security votes in the state to fund the FREE EDUCATION Programme.   Before we could say Jack robinson, Gov.Okorocha swears in a trailer load of individiuals  from Pastors to Alhaji’s, movie actresses to comedians as Special Assistants.  Where will Money for their allowances come from? Will they not have official vehicles? Where will money to fund their travel expenses, fuel, accomodation etc come from?

I understand the need to have Special Assistants for Niger Delta, Media, Transport , Advance Protocol etc. But, which  one is Chief Comedian of the State? SA Lagos Affairs?  S.A Non – formal sector , does that mean S.A in charge of all the touts in Imo State? I need clarification please. We also have SA Inter Party, SA Intra Party, SA International DONOR Agencies? ha!!! odikwa egwu o!

We have been complaining of how filthy the streets of Owerri has become; how come we don’t have an S.A for Refuse / Street Affairs ?  Also, since we have S.A for Govt House Chaplain, would it not be appropriate to have S.A  for Islamic Affairs that way we cover all?.

Just like I asked in the previous blog piece, are their positions tied to the Rochas Okorocha Foundation? Are they volunteering to work for the State out of LOVE? I am not challenging His Excellency o! God knows I cannot be seen or heard questioninng the decisions of the Executive Governor of my State but  as an observer, it seems as if  Gov.Okorocha seems to be running a Government of Inclusion.  Trying to bring everybody under one Umbrella.

Frankly, I applaud His Excellency for his good heart and I have no doubts he has good intentions for the people of Imo State  but there is no need to please everybody. We just cant! .

There have been serveral responses to this List on Facebook and other social networking platforms affliliated with IMO STATE BLOG.  Off all the comments received, this comment below was a slap on my face.

Nne: abeg how many special adviser does your governor need biko? The whole world is talking about downsizing and streamlining and cost reduction ah ah its too much na. Some even have 3 SAs for the work. I even noticed the surname twice. Meanwhile why is the lagos liaision and lagos affairs separate?
Some blogs are saying Nkiru has been in charge of bedmatics affairs for some time hence the appointment.

Another one said:

Yesterday ur man swore in 50 Special Assistants. 

He has an ssa on every irrelevant thing u can think of. So much for running a lean govt. SSA Lagos, SSA Asia, eve SSA Comedy.There is ssa kidnapping orlu ssa kidnapping okigwe zone and ssa kidnapping owerri zone. He even told them that after 3 months anybody that does not perform will be changed. Joi biko what the f*** is SSA Orlu  going to do? What is his job? Which kind perform he wan perform in 3 months tell me.   

Infact, Joi it’s no use asking why because  they’ll end up giving you 50 reasons for 50 them and i dont knw what they have in their mouth cos you’ll only see reasons with them. We all always do once they talk to you. Me I dey always fortify myself with prayer before i listen to them that way the SHANT GET ME!

LOL! I rest my pen for now. . . . If anyone of you know the answers to the questions asked by these anonymous individuals, kindly respond within.

To be continued.


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