Rochas Campaign Organization fires back at Prof.Viola Onwuliri

GVThe attention of the Rochas Campaign Organization has been drawn to the false and insulting claims by the Minister of State for Education, Prof. Viola Onwuliri during one of her usual phone-in programme on the particular radio station that has made itself a willingly and available tool of blackmail against the Governor of the state, Owelle Rochas Okorocha and the Rescue Mission government in the state.

Prof. Onwuliri as usual, appeared on the radio programme on Monday, January 19, 2015 and forty-eight hours after the woefully failed and poorly attended rally of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Owerri which saw the president in attendance and which also saw most leaders of the party in the state boycotting the rally.

The Junior Minister had, not only appeared on the radio programme to paint a different picture of what happened last Saturday during the PDP porous rally in Owerri, but had also made worrying and bogus claims in defence of the Federal Government over the prevailing fact that the State has nothing to show for its support for the PDP Government at the centre for almost sixteen years now. The minister is now also known as someone who derives joy or comfort from her repeated insults and abuses on the governor. Those who abuse or insult people with ease are only telling people one thing about themselves and about their background. It takes too to tango.

It was insulting to Imo people for Prof. Onwuliri to list FUTO, Nekede Poly and Alvan Ikoku College of Education Owerri as Federal Government projects in the State, when the challenge has been what Imo people have gained from the PDP controlled Federal Government since its inception. Alvan was Imo State property before the Federal Government took it over. FUTO and Nekede Poly had existed long before the PDP controlled federal government.

To further provoke Imo people, the minister also talked about Aba/Owerri road and Owerri/Port Harcourt, that had been in existence several years before the PDP government, and which the PDP government could not finish the maintenance works it started on the roads more than three years ago.

If highly respected known Igbo leaders like Alex Ekwueme, Mbazulike Amaechi, Prof. Ben Nwabueze could be decrying in the media the ill-treatment the PDP government has meted out to the whole of the Igbos, one would be forced to wonder why Prof. Onwuliri could be the only one labouring to justify such unfortunate development.

It is equally annoying and also disturbing that Prof. Onwuliri listed a hostel built by NDDC at the Imo State University which the State was entitled to, as an oil producing area as a project of the PDP led federal government in the state. Let Prof. Onwuliri specifically tell Imo people what they have gained from the PDP government at the centre even after giving the president more than one million votes in 2011. Nobody can deceive Imo people with stories.

It might interest Imo people to hear that we have been making these demands earlier before now. We are not making the demand because of election. And of course, in the eyes of the law, both the PDP and APGA in the State have no governorship candidates until the courts make pronouncements on who the candidates of the two parties are. It does not require being a SAN to know that once a matter is before a court of competent jurisdiction, any other action before the court’s own verdict is of no effect. To us, until the courts handling the PDP and APGA matters over who their governorship candidates are, we presume the two parties have no candidates. And those following them are only carrying out some physical exercises.
We want to also use this opportunity to remind the particular radio station that has made itself a blackmail tool in the hands of the opponents of the government to know that there are laws guiding broadcasting in the country. A situation where the radio station, for more than two years now has had all its programmes designed against the state government with the same callers everyday on some of such blackmailing programmes cannot be part of the broadcasting laws.

The tolerance and long patience of the state government should not be seen as weakness. The feeling of the state government is that those at the radio station in question should be guided by their consciences and know that there is a limit to blackmail and hatred.

The government will continue with the policies of tolerance and long patience with the believe that those concerned will appreciate these developments.

Sam Onwuemeodo
Senior Special Assistant to the
Governor on Media



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