“Rochas must be called to order; Imo State is not his manor or private estate!” – Barr.Emeka Ibe

The quote below is a reaction from one of our respected commenters , Barr. Emeka Ibe in  response to the Post: “Owelle Rochas Okorocha: My Governor you are trying but I have some questions…”



“….. Imo State belongs to us all, and under no circumstance should anyone be afraid to speak out in d face of any abnormality in government. In d real sense of politics, it’s Gov. Okorocha that should be anxious to please and satisfy our people. But d reverse is d case with our people, and d culture of impunity seems to have encompassed Imo State under Gov. Okorocha.

Yet I see some seemingly enlightened Imo sons n daughters who praise him to d high heavens, when nothing tangible has been achieved. Some say he’s just spent only 1yr out of 4yrs, so, it’s too early to even assess his performance. But my question to such people is: why does Gov. Okorocha himself stop at nothing at every stop n turn to boast of his numerous ‘achievements’?

I recall watching a clip of him celebrating 100 days in office, where he listed a compendium of ‘achievements’. Those achievements included leasing n concessioning of Imo State assets n properties built and/or established by his predecessors like Dee Sam Mbakwe of blessed memory. I wonder what Rochas would have been doing now if there was no Adapalm, or Avutu Poultry, or Inyishi Glass/ceramics Inductry, etc. Instead of revamping all these monumental visions of Mbakwe, he’s used all of them to collect moneys from his business cronies n acolytes, for, only God knows how long. After amassing rent money, he now went wild on a spending spree, even sharing money to little children in primary schools (what sort of investment is that?).


All these r going on without due process, transparency, probity or accountability. The House of Assembly that is supposed to be on his heels by law, is a lame duck. I even wonder atimes what they discuss or deliberate on in their plenary sessions (definitely not Imo State affairs, as Rochas has never acted as if they exist).


Gov. Okorocha just woke up one morning n announced that he wanted to create a 4th tier of govt. This is truly laughable. Can someone explain to me how well that project that has enraptured d entire autonomous communities in d State is going? This scheme has been hijacked by political jobbers n people of no defined vocation who make-up Rochas’ support base. Meanwhile, he’s one of d govs that have so far neglected or refused to conduct local govt elections. The sole reason behind this anomaly is to facilitate his continuous thievery of local govt funds allocated from d centre.

My position is plain: Rochas must be called to order, bcos Imo State is not his manor or private estate. We demand that our State be governed according to d laws of d land. Imo State must be wrested from d fatal grip of political hustlers n vultures.



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