Rochas Okorocha – Respectfully Sir, ENOUGH of the FREE education talk! Is that all you have to offer?

I admire Chief Rochas Okorocha a whole lot.  Definitely not ashamed to admit  that I am almost convinced he can do well if given the opportunity to govern. The only comma is that I am so tired of hearing the ” Free education” TALK! . Lets get real, there are other areas the youth can benefit. What are his plans in improving the infrastructure in Imo State? What are his plans for improving Employment in Imo State…. The roads., etc?

This is a  message recently posted  to his Facebook Page.

“At the grand finale of our campaign, I awarded a scholarship to university level to a little boy hawking sachet water to make ends meet. I have always demonstrated a passion for education for the people. I am the commander of FREE EDUCATION!”

Okay, after that, what next sir?  Curious citizens want to know. It can’t be all about “Education”. I believe in you but there are other areas  that I need clarity on. Lets say more Sir.

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