Election Observation from an Anonymous Citizen: Peaceful but expect 30min delays to get accredited.

My  friend who flew into Nigeria from America to observe the elections reports that its been peaceful so far ” …except for the lack of electronic data system to retrieve voters data..INEC officials painfully checks and verifies voters info by going through large piece of papers having voters names and pictures..taking them sometimes 30 minutes to accredit a voter”

Nice but Hmmm…. so after all the “technical” excuses they gave in postponing the elections last weekend, one would think that they were importing the so called ballot machines from America for a US STYLE election….. whatever y’all do, no rigging!!!!

In other news, it is also in my understanding that today, April 9th, 2011,  Police   arrested 6 people with INEC jackets, ballot papers, pump action machine guns in ILesha, Osun State …..” Hahahahahahahahhahaaa.!!!! So typical of Naija Politicians. Knock your selves out guys/ Sirs/ Madams.

What worked for you in 2007 WILL DEFINITELY not be working for you in 2011 so just sit back and let the People vote you in.  If you attempt to RIG, you will be CAUGHT and DISGRACED!!  The Youth are not smiling!

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