Wahala! Imo State senatorial elections throw the Heartland into a very serious rude awakening.

Growing up as a child, I loved to sit beside my father and listen to his stories and words of wisdom. He once told me about the Swahili proverb:

” When two Elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers”.

I am pleading with our Politicians – Suffer not the people if you have no intentions to better our lives. All the people want is a transparent and fair election. This is not a one party affair. We want Candidates that will go in and get the job done!   As we await the official election results in a few hours, please let us remember the interest of the communities. You dont have to be in office to fulfil the manifesto, you can contribute in any small way possible to better the lives of the people so that, come 2015, if you call us….we shall vote you in.

Who did I hear got chased away with a Cutlass at a Polling venue? ? What happened?  What went wrong? Please do not kill yourselves over the ballots. Sit back at home and let INEC do their job. I rest my case. *climbs  to the top of the Mango tree  for safety*

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