Scandal rocks Imo State Government over Student Exchange Program.

When Governor Rochas Okorocha appointed a trailer load of Special Assistants , Advisers and etc to serve in his Rescue Mission, little did he know that  he had added some  rotten eggs to his list who  were on a mission to defraud Imo State.


The email below was submitted through the IMO STATE BLOG contact form.

“What is happening to the Student Exchange Programme for the Imo State Students?

I am the Consultant for the programme but since the SA Youth, Nwabueze Henry Uche hijacked the programme from me, I have not heard anything and the University of Maryland has given me April as the deadline to submit the data of the students for the September 2012 Internship Programme. I can be reached on: ***** or 08188****** if the State Government is still interested in the Programme.  

Not sure what to make of the message, we responded asking him to tell us more about his encounter with the so called SA Henry Uche Nwabueze.  Two days later,  Mr. Adewole replied. 

Thanks for your response.

We wrote a proposal to the State Governor through the SA Youth Office, on the 12  of August and we received Letter of Interest on the same day from the SA Youth Affairs to the Governor. 

We then wrote an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding)  that our consultancy and cumulative fees will be N15 million Naira which the SA Youth agreed to.

On the 28th of February, we were surprised to see him addressing a press conference with our company souvenirs on the students from Imo State. 

When I approached him, he said the State has not released money to him that he borrowed N8 million Naira to do the press conference. I then challenged him that he shouldn’t have include our company name on the souvenirs since we are not part of it.

Further investigation revealed that he actually collected the N8 million Naira from the Government as part of the N15 million Naira been our consultancy fees. He even told someone that the Chief of Staff (Chief Madumere)  collected N3 million to facilitate the release of the N8 million.

I petitioned the Governor and text the Chief of Staff and the Governor. The same text I sent to the Chief of Staff and the Governor was forwarded to me by the SA Youth. He said I should be careful that I should petitioning him.

Due to the time frame from University of Maryland, USA, the State Government missed the opportunity for March largely due to the fraudulent activities of the SA Youth, Mr. Nwabueze Uche Henry.

Now, the University of Maryland has given ONLY  Imo State University, Faculty of Engineering another opportunity to participate in the September 2012 Internship Programme. 

I want to deal directly with the State Government or the Commissioner for Education to ensure that they don’t miss this opportunity this time around.

I sincerely appreciate your response and concern.

Hope to hear from you.


 It was shocking to read that the Chief of Staff, Prince Eze Madumere was mentioned in this fraudulent scheme. He is known for his famous “NO 10 percent” line so how come the SA Youth is going around saying he collected N3 million to facilitate the release of the N8 million?  


Calls made to Prince Eze  Madumere were not returned  however, one  Official at the State House who spoke with IMO STATE BLOG on the conditions of anonymity disclosed that the S.A on Youth (Henry Uche Nwabueze) had been relieved of his duties.  

The Chief of Staff fired the SA Youth for fraudulent acts as it relates to the program. The Chief of Staff is just being blackmailed for his zero corruption policy. The SA Youth was collecting money from students to include their names in the program. 


Ikuku kuo, ahu ike okuko!’



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