Speak no evil of the dead! Allow Ojukwu to rest in Peace.

It was just one week today that we received news of the shocking death. After a protracted illness, the brave icon, Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu gave up the ghost in London.

The serious ones are in deep mourning.  The eulogies keep pouring in. There are also  horrible remarks being passed around. Instead of wishing his soul eternal rest, some have set social media forums ablaze pouring curses and blaming  him for events that took place in 19 kpiridom. Someone called him a rapist who forced women into his bed when their husbands were at the battle front. What sort of talk is that?

Biko nu,  while we agree that  everyone has a right to their opinion and  freedom of expression,  we must make a conscious effort to refrain from speaking  evil of the dead.


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