Last week, Mr.Chinedu Offor the Honourable Commissioner for Information, Culture & Tourism announced that the Executive Council had resolved to observe Imo Freedom Day on the 6th of May 2013.

The event would mark the 2013 Democracy Day and the 2nd Anniversary of the Rescue Mission government, remembering those who suffered and some others that lost their lives to bring about the change of government in Imo State which has resulted to massive infrastural development and free education amongst others.

According to the Commissioner, activities lined up for the Freedom Day include prayers and dedication of projects, novelty football match between the members of the Executive and the Imo House of Assembly.

He also said that henceforth, emphasis will be made on seeking assistance from those in Diaspora to help develop the State.

He added that government has decided to redirect method of adoption to forestall child trafficking and other child abuse that is involved in the management of child adoption.

“It therefore translates that the executive governor of Imo State will henceforth sign every child adoption deal in the State and those who have adopted before now need to go for rehabilitation” he said.



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