Unpaid promise of N10,000 allowance to corpers in Imo State – By Laime Ekpa

“Corp members serving in public schools in Imo state were promised the sum of #10,000 by the executive governor of the state and they went as far as on AIT and Channel Tv to broadcast the payment of #10,000 only to all corpers serving in public schools in the state and up till now these respective corpers haven’t seen any sign nor been briefed,but right now people around believe this promise has been fulfilled.let the truth be told that all that broadcast was aimed at misleading the people as nothing of such has been effected.

Corp members in public schools do the greater part of the job and yet neglected compared 2 their counter part who are serving in some other place(firm,private schOols etc)can some please champion the plight of these corp members.”

Submitted by Laime Ekpa

Typically, we prefer to mind our business and stay out of such matters because  IMO STATE BLOG is not authorized to speak for the state government . Since the announcement was also published here on this website, it is pertinent to point out that it was only a few weeks ago that Governor Okorocha made the promise. Is it not too soon to cry foul?



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