SPOTLIGHT: Amb.Kema Chikwe

Our spotlight is on the beautiful  Amb.Kema Chikwe. Two Time Minister, Former Nigerian Ambassador to Ireland and Former Senatorial Candidate in the 2011 Elections.

 Information posted below was written by Amb.Chikwe herself and lifted from her campaign website.

For those who denied Amb.Chikwe the opportunity to represent Owerri Senatorial Zone at the National Assembly, please keep the following in mind when next she shows up on the ballot paper.


I. (a)       As a Minister of Transport, I established  a more efficient and expeditions cargo clearing system by the introduction of a “One-Stop Shop” document processing center which reduced the Clearing from 41 tables to 1 table.

(b) Registered many indigenous shipping companies for international participation.

(c) Re-opened the Inland container depots at Aba, Kaduna and Kano and opened a new depot in Jos.

(d) Ensured the ISO 9002 Certification of Niger Dock, facilitated the first international contract for NIGERDOCK. I got the first International contract for NIGERDOCK.

(e) I upgraded and sanitized Nigeria Ports and ensured effective lighting in order to achieve 24 – hour operation. This strategy accounted for the decongestion of the Ports.

(f) I designed a project for the dredging of Oguta Lake which could be the only outlet for the Eastern States into the international community.

(g) I designed a railway track from Lagos Ijebuode to Ore to Benin to Agbor to Onitsha to Mgbidi to Owerri to Aba.

(h) Indeed it was in my tenure that the modern standard gauge rail system was adopted as a policy. It was a passion for me.

5. Upgrade of Air field lighting and achievement of category II status for Kano, Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt Airports.

6. Initiated and awarded the contract of the Murtala Mohammed Airport Terminal 2 on the first build and operate experiment in Nigeria.

7. Restoration of the functioning of the air conditioning and conveyor belt systems at Murtala Mohammed International Airport (they were not functional for several years).

8. Drastic Improvement of Aviation Security and a near elimination of touting at the major International airports.

9 Multiple designations for Lufthansa and KLM Airlines.

10. Upgraded the Aviation Security Sector that gave employment to hundreds of people.

11. Produced a new Aviation Policy which was adopted by the Federal Executive Council.

The achievements are too many to mention all****

III. Imo State Projects:

1. Owerri Airport

a. Reactivated operations in 2000 after 5 years of dormancy

b. Redesigned and renovated the terminal building

c. Equipped the airport with navigational aids and upgraded its facilities.

d. Attracted operations of airlines; Sosoliso, Chachangi, etc.

2. As Minister:

(a) Attracted and commissioned several community water and electricity projects.

(b) Attracted the rehabilitation of the Owerri-Umuahia road

(c) I attracted N100 million for the Umuocham Emekuku, Owerri North L.G.A. erosion site which has since been restored.

(d) Initiated a plantain plantation project for Owerri North L.G.A. women, planting 1,000 plantain suckers in 2002.

(e) I established a revolving loan scheme of N2 million for Owerri North Women in 2002.

3. In furtherance of my human resources development objective, I have awarded several student scholarships, sponsored several youths in NDDC Youth Training Programs, sponsored over 30 youths for studies in Ireland. Since 1999, I have influenced the employment of over 200 Imo citizens (especially in Owerri Senatorial Zone) in the public and private sectors. I was primarily responsible for the political and economic empowerment of many persons with the expectation that their constituents would become derivative beneficiaries.

IV. As Ambassador, I have established an economic partnership initiative referred to as “International Gateway for Economic Partnership Summit.

(I.G.E.P.S.)”, which has become an annual interactive and networking forum between Nigeria private and public sector persons and institutions and their Irish counterparts. Several bilateral business and economic ties are being established as a result. The objective is to showcase Nigeria’s huge trade and foreign direct investment (FDI) potential which can be realized to a large extend by increased bilateral trade and investment activities with the effect of reducing trade imbalances and increasing our foreign exchange earnings.

I facilitated the memorandum of co-operation between the University of Cork, Ireland and the Nigeria Universities Commission (NUC)

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