Okay. So, this ROCHE GROUP of a Company seems to have taken over all major construction projects in Imo.

The Question that has been on the lips of every “busy body” in the State is : Who is behind this ROCHE GROUP  company and what brought about their sudden emergence in Imo State?

From the name, ROCHE. It is understandable why fingers are pointing to the seating Governor, Owelle ROCHAS Okorocha.  The Governor has been criticized for being tight fisted even with State Contracts so without thinking, one can bodly say The ROCHE group belongs to His Excellency.

Instead of wasting precious time arguing on the issue, we decided to check out the Company on GOOGLE.

Excerpts from our Search Results  are as follows:

The Roche Group is an Irish company that operates in many sectors from construction and property investment, hospitality and retail, health and fitness to motor sport and related activities.

The organisation has come a long way since its origins over 30 years ago. A family run business, it started out as a joinery and filling station run by the parents of the current CEO, Ian Roche. The Roche Group itself came into being in 2005 so as to amalgamate the different businesses in carpentry, construction and retail.

  You see why Oyibo people say ” IGNORANCE is BLISS”?  Please, if you are not sure of anything, don’t go broadcasting stories.

On the other hand, Gov.Okorocha should please be more liberal with these contracts he is awarding. It is  shameful that as Nigerians, we are very lackadaisical when it comes to Business but, among the crack head contractors, there should be some serious minded ones.

One Company cannot sit on all the Contracts in the State except the Government has a cut. HO HA!!!  Even though the Chief of Staff, Prince Eze Madumere is quoted for his famous line “ No 10 Percent“, it makes it hard to believe that the State Government is adhering to that “Policy” when it appears that one company is being awarded all the major projects in the State.

What are they constructing that other companies cannot Construct, biko? HABA!!

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