Imo State Secretariat Lockdown: Anonymous Civil Servant responds.

In reaction to the blog piece:

HILARIOUS: Civil Servants Jump fence to avoid disciplinary action from Deputy Gov.Jude Agbaso.

A Civil servant in the State has reached out to respond:


 Please help to communicate to Owelle and team to ask all his Commissioners,  Advisers and up to Perm sec. to be coming to work from their Hometown so that they will be reachable,accessible by their people and through dat they will feel the pains of Imo people and we will see grassroot Democracy.


He should not allow them to hide in Owerri. It is not funny. When leaders stay far off they tend to build high walls around themselves and never to remember how humble and accountable they should be. If a Leader from Okigwe comes to work from Owerri he will never remember that he has bad roads in his town that needs attention.

I know these guys. When I was young during Dee Sam Mbakwe regime, he comes to work from Obowo everyday and with that, He was able to fix the Owerri-Umuahia Rd.  Do you think that he could have done that if he never felt it? That is practical leadership. 

Quite deep.

As they say, he who wears the shoe knows where it hurts.

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