Gov.Okorocha inspires Delta State Governor, Emmanuel Uduaghan

Who would have thought that His Excellency, Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan was a regular on Imo State Blog?  Your Excellency, megwo! We greet you.

Shortly after we had posted the gist on how Gov.Okorocha came down from his convoy to inspect an accident scene, Delta State Governor , His Excellency Emmanuel Uduaghan pulled a similar stunt!!


Unfortunately, due to the  K-leg surrounding the Second term election victory of His Excellency , not many Delta state indigenes were impressed.

According to  Vanguard  News, Gov.Uduaghans convoy  met a traffic jam and He alighted from His vehicle to personally direct traffic. Quote:


Delta State Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, was caught up in a traffic jam, caused by police checkpoints, yesterday, at Effurun Roundabout, Effurun, near  Warri, on his way back from an official assignment in Sapele.

Unknown to the governor, it was an everyday experience for motorists, but a flustered Uduaghan, got out of his vehicle to personally control traffic.


Motorists hailed him when they later discovered it was the governor, who had  stopped to direct traffic, while traders and passersby gathered to watch, when they heard that it was Gov. Uduaghan that was directing traffic.

Speaking to newsmen later, the governor charged motorists not to drive in a manner that would slow down the free flow of traffic. 



Which one be charge motorist not to drive in a manner that will slow down traffic   Na today?

All these our Government officials  sef. . . .   How can you feel what the average indigene goes through on a regular basis when expert drivers and MOPOL dey your front and back to clear traffic?

As I was saying,  here are a few responses that  caught my attention.


  • Well done His Excellency for directing vehicular traffic, and for your words of advice to motorists. Only if you can apply this advice to yourself in directing the finances of the State in a manner that would slow down or stop the development of the State.’


  • Uduaghan is funny,this is a man that will not even stop once in his sirene car,STOPED to control trafic. Deltans hate this man to bone. He is the worst governor I have seen. Tell me a single project he has completed. A failed Medical practioner back in warri. His wife has a food buka in Efrru, the same woman that is in charge of diesel in the whole state.

     Ibori is sufering now but a lot of people will die for him, but uduagan will sufer without mercy. Who is he deceiving but the well planed public stunt. Before he became commissioner of health has he controlled traffic even once? 

    As SSG has he controlled traffic once? As first term governor has he ever controled traffic once? He will go in less than 5 months, if he survives the re-run petition, he will not survive the April 26 election petition.

This is serious! Chief Ikedi Ohakim of Imo State is noted as the most HATED Governor ever recorded in History.  It would be disastrous to  have a duplicate  in any other part of the World. I couldnt rest after I read the story last night so I reached out to a friend who lives in  Warri to ask why Gov.Uduaghan was  hated so much.  Trust the typical waffi babe, she didnt hold back in expressing herself. QUOTE:

He refused paying salaries saying that they didnt vote for him. He said that the Local Governments that  didnt vote for him, he will make them suffer.  Teachers are suffering right now ooooooo. I tell you.  Na so so swear dem dey swear for am ooo. He must end up like his brother Ibori. He never see anything. Na bad man him be ooo. I pray make ogboru win the appeal. Because we need change in that Delta State. Ayeri and co helped him rig the Election.  

Ayeri is one oil rich guy in Warri. All of them dey together. Na Prayers oooo. God wey do am for Imo State go do am for Delta State.

Haba! Who is this Rigging Specialist by the name Ayeri that has denied the people of Delta an opportunity to vote out a Governor they have openly rejected? Luckily I remembered a another friend of mine who hails from Delta. As a  Big boy, I was sure he would know a thing or two about this Oil guru turned Rigging Politician. 

This was how our conversation played out:


Bros, question abeg,  who be Ayeri for una State and what is his connection to Gov.Uduaghan? I asked. 

My friend, he is here with me. He was the one who had the Party you declined coming. He is the Governors closest pal.

I see. I hear he is into Oil & Gas and then again, I am being told he rigged/rugged the Election for Governor Uduaghan and ___________ ___________ in the House of Assembly?. 

Dont know about that. He is into Oil & Gas.

LWKMD. We hear! Oil and Gas na work? All I know be say , who no know, go know! Power is given; not taken. You cannot force people to govern them. If Great Ogboru na di choice of di people, make Uduaghan commot for road make di people choose who dem want. Na by force?

I no understand why our Politicians dem like to die for Office. Instead wey dem go bow out gracefully, when dia time reach to waka,  dem go rather die inside office?  Na curse?

Only God go help us. Make I face IMO abeg.  Make we look whether  Gov.Okorocha don act another film for us today.   

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