Bianca Ojukwu: What happened to her Position as Special Adviser?

 Pres. Goodluck Jonathan has really done well in the directorial debut of his movie,  THE PRESIDENTS CABINET.  This has been a very long dramatic movie full of suspense. Even Tom Cruise no go fit handle am.

When we thought the drama from the Ministerial nominees was going to be the most dramatic part of the GEJ Cabinet, Mr. President adds another bombshell to the Movie Script with  his List of Special Advisers. Interestingly,  the name of our very own First Lady of Biafra, Mrs.Bianca Ojukwu was omitted from the List.

It was not too long ago that  Mrs.Ojukwu was appointed as Special Adviser to the President on Diaspora affairs.

Almost everyone wondered what influenced Mr. Presidents decision in the first place considering Madam is a Permanent resident in Nigeria with our almighty Grandmaster that took us to war, the legendary Sir Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu.

Since he has been ill for sometime and presently in London, there was no way the Biafran First Lady would have had been able to  dedicate her time to any official duty as Special Adviser outside Nigeria.

 So,  was her appointment based on an advanced  Politimatical analysis of the Igbo votes? Fast forward through the Elections and the massive amount of Votes the igbos put in for the Presido, why was Lady Bianca left out of the List of Special Advisers?  What happened?

Did she voluntarily resign to cater to the Warlord? Was she fired? If so, are we allowed to ask why?

onye ajuju anaghi efu uzo.

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