REVEALED: The abomination that led to the removal of Bianca Ojukwu

An immediate family member of the Ojukwu household has reached out to IMO STATE in reference to the previous Blog article, Bianca Ojukwu: What happened to her Position as Special Adviser.

The source confided that the main reason Bianca Ojukwu was dropped  by   Pres. Jonathan  was, as a result of the family drama that ensued after the expose on her Sexual Affair with a nephew of Ikemba. This nephew is none other than the undistinguished  Commissioner of Special Duties  and Transport in Anambra State, Robert Okonkwo .

 It should not come as shock to read that this MALE DOG, Robert Okonkwo  moved out of his residence in the Commissioners quarters and now CURRENTLY LIVES with Bianca right in her matrimonial home. This arrangement was in place while Sir.Ojukwu was still in the house. Right under his nose. Showing no atom of respect for the great Ikemba, Robert Okonkwo threw caution to the wind as he ate out of Ikembas pot of soup every day without shame.

Our source also hinted that when Ojukwu was hit by Stroke, Bianca waited SIX good days before she notified the Family. Rather, she called in her Doctor (Name witheld till further notice). This move raised eyebrows  because the Doctor of choice  is currently being sued for malpractice in the wrongful  death of a family member under his care.

For a long time, the Ojukwu family has kept mum on this issue. In a few months, all hell will be broke loose and all wagging tongues will be set free. However, due to privacy reasons, and as a mark of respect to Chief Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu, I have chosen to leave out the more personal side to this story and focus solely on the sexual escapades of the ungrateful scheming wife, Bianca.

It is said that you do not bite the finger that feeds you. Since Madam Bianca has lost respect for her marriage, she has therefore  stripped herself of every respect and  honour bestowed on her by marriage.

 For those who think this has nothing to do with this blog, my apologies. I will stand boldly to fight incest on any platform.

What happened between Robert and Bianca in far away Obodo Oyibo, Accokeek, Maryland (USA)?

Who made the finances available for the purchase of a certain palatial Mansion?

Who really is this home breaker, Robert Okonkwo and what happened to his own Marriage in the United States?

Who imposed ROBERTO, the Honourable Commissioner of   LOVE DUTIES & INCEST AFFAIRS on Gov.Peter Obi ?

History repeats itself; is this story a repeat in History in the life of ___________________?

Find out the answers to these questions and much more in follow  up stories to this abomination right here on

Meanwhile, please enjoy the music Video below by Chaka Demus & Pliers: MURDER SHE WROTE.

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