“Talk to the Hand” – NLC to Federal Government. Strike continues.

This is getting very interesting. Yesterday’s meeting between the Federal Government and the Nigerian Labour congress ended in a deadlock.

In other words, “No shakin” on either side of the table.

Labour Minister; Mr Emeka Wogu  appealed to the Labour Union and Civil Society Organisations to call of the strike.  The same Minister is quoted to have made the following statement: ‎”The government cannot be influenced or affected by street protests…the government rules and those who rule do not defer to others.”   Arrogance caked up in diplomacy!  What then are we appealing for?

At the end of the day, this issue of deregulation might turn out to serve in our best interest but, we needed to be educated  first!!  Our Honourable “Coordinating” Minister of Economy should have  coordinated a soft landing for the policy. Someone did not do their homework right!  How can a government wake up one morning and take its citizens unawares  just like that? Are we in a Military regime?

Now, we are hearing “CABAL” “CABAL”  ….who are the so called “CABALS”?  Are they not known to the Federal Government? Who is fooling who? They should stop deceiving us abeg. We are not goats!

 Anyway , both parties will reconvene on Saturday, January 14th.  Day 5 cof the strike continues . Are we tired yet?

Aluta continua!!


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