That satanic verse by Iwuala (Response to: Untold story of Gov.Okorocha’s accident)

The bible says that at the last day, the devil will even make fire fall from heaven to the extent that, if not for the grace of God, even the very elect might be deceived. What that means is that the devil will appear like an angel of light and probably will sell the character of God to the unsuspecting public and just at the time they might have embraced his message, he quickly sells the counterfeit.

I read with interest how rain soaked Agbaso’s hireling who I thought had all the while been in shock for the misdemeanor of his boss. In sincerity, I had sympathized for Iwuala as I had erroneously taken him for a patriotic and a young gentle man. In that tale by moon light, I saw a negatively clever man laboring so hard to create a snare for the hapless Imolites to get entrapped and at their pain agree to settle for whatever dirty and ill conceived picture portrayed.

There were grave issues raised by Barr. Iwuala of which were ostensibly a character of a slothful mind whose reasoning is, in greater proportion, beclouded by usual name-tarring business.  It was also this unpatriotic character that sang anti Okorocha tunes. While the hatchet job continued, few minds had taken the man Iwuala as a serious minded personality only to be disappointed by the turn of event when he was employed by the erstwhile impeached Deputy Governor of Imo State. How heart broken? I can understand the frustration and the pains he had to go through when the party with Agbasos grounded to an abrupt end. The truth is when Iwuala splashed a beautiful ode on his principal, I shrugged and paused a little and wished them well. That Iwuala’s piece on Jude Agbaso made me understand the past master in commercialization of conscience.

 Interestingly, for want of selfish gain, I am sure Iwuala must have been one of the pseudo-advisers that led his master to gallows. Rather than be sincere and honest, Iwuala and his co-travelers preferred to engineer the man to remain stiff necked with all manner of concocted reasons in a bid to make the man keep vomiting whatever cash he could. Ordinarily, a Jude Agbaso I know would have gone home with his whisky and whatever largesse he would have made from the unholy trade. Of course he will care less of what the future portends as such minds consider such values as strange in their world. His antecedence speaks volumes of what his make ups are. But it is interesting to have birds of a feather cruise in the same boat.

The greatest undoing of the Agbasos is the dishonour found among thieves. Rather than share the booty, the greedy dramatis personae prefers going all alone leaving foot soldiers bare and naked. Iwuala till date do not mean well for the Agbasos. They will ceaselessly continue to draw out their tongue to make sure that every sensitive part for taste is totally pulled out for refusing to let them have a fare share. Unfortunately, the Agbasos decided to buy into an unholy alliance to cover up their mess and to spite the people of Imo State.

That is by the way. That insinuation about due process in J-PROS matter is, to say the least, born out of frustration and malice. I guess, Iwuala must have been sleeping away his life while the whole episodes played out. In that report where Sir Jude Agbaso alleged that there was no due process in the whole transaction. Unfortunately for the Emekuku born, he had betrayed himself by the fact that he had minuted files on the same contract he knew nothing about. After a thorough investigation into the matter, Honourable Sir Jude Agbaso was found culpable. I had thought by now that people like Iwuala should take flight and quarantine himself from the Agbaso system where he had been contaminated by spirit of lies and blackmail. It is also advisable that he seeks spiritual counsel to exorcise the satanic spell that would have possessed his conscience, that is, if he has not lost the grace for repentance. Agbaso again took as gratification a blue label whisky (Porsche design) worth over Eight hundred pounds. Iwuala should please as a lawyer know what the acceptable norm in the civilized nations is. When asked to say his part, shamelessly, he would say “I only took a bottle of whisky”. What a mess. Yet this was the same Joseph Dina Jude Agbaso claimed to know nothing about let alone meeting him.

I wonder where Emperor got such obsess effrontery to raise a pen on this issue. Whose responsibility is it to advise Governor of Imo State when issue of concern bothers on Roads? Who was the then Commissioner for Works? Granted there may have been some crooked path on due process and that had to do with Nda Jude. When angel Nda Jude was asked before the adhoc committee whether he knew Mr. Joseph Dina, did he own up? He never did. He waited for a time when he was brought face to face with Dina Joseph and there and then, he messed himself up.

Iwuala, I will advise you go back and read the report or you request that great movie titled, ‘Nda Jude vs Joseph Dina’; it was a bout observed by Imo State House of Assembly adhoc committee members and people of Imo State. At the end of that bout, Nda Jude was discovered to have serially lied on oath. That is one little issue, too large to the ears of students of leadership. Of course, Iwuala was deaf and dumb while the Agbasogate lasted.

Though Iwuala later acted as a baby that had just begun to walk, he really showed a conquered spirit. Etu tu Iwuala. What came over you?  Well, that matter concerns the Agbasos and Imo State House of Assembly; I wonder why Governor Okorocha should be brought into the matter. Oh! Before I forget, how true is it that Nda Jude also collected money advanced for the construction of the road leading to Emekuku? That is another allegation under investigation. A contract sum of about N700 million, and Government of Imo advanced N250 million, Nda Jude was again alleged to have gone behind to arm-twist the contractor and collected N150 million. Please, Barr. Iwuala, I want you to observe due process and ask your man what happened.

Dear people of the parliament so much have been said on this matter and I believe it is a celebrated case that exposed the greed and large scale corruption of the Agbaso family. Is this how Agbasos would have ruled Imo State if they had the opportunity? If they had the opportunity of producing number one citizen of Imo State, the highest level of Lootocracy would have been re-instituted after a little break of such form of government under PDP administrations.

Meanwhile, I can understand that Iwuala is one of those few dissidents who want our governor dead. When Iwuala subtly started his epistle of hell, every a man would have taken him seriously as he camouflaged as an angel of light. That shows the fox Iwuala could be. It would have been preferable he had spited whosever. Linking Governor’s accident to J-PROS exposes the wickedness of Iwuala and his paymasters. The lily livered Iwuala had sought means of firing a salvo to justify Imo people’s money he shared from Agbasos multi-million naira media project to redeem their already soiled name.

I wonder why Iwuala did not go to the police to continue with his investigation rather begin to fantasize about a matter he knows nothing about. Was the driver driving alone? Ask the police. Whose fault was it? Iwuala, ask the police. It is said that the fox must be chased away first before warning the hen against wandering the bush. Thank God, no life was lost. Iwuala and his co travelers ought to school themselves on how to be good citizens and learn to be patriotic and not see anything that comes their way as a merchandisable commodity to the Agbasos and others. A word of advise, if Iwuala feels deeply the need to clear the self destroyed name of his boss, he can always reach out to Imo State House of Assembly for further investigation or take them on in the law court.







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