Wife of the man who collided with Okorocha’s vehicle speaks out.

For days, the internet has been awash with different versions on Governor Okorocha’s reported accident. Some even said the accident was “staged”. The unavailability of the photographs from the accident scene gave credibility to the many theories being produced. If IMO STATE BLOG did not speak with those who attended to the Governor inside the theatre that day, perhaps we would have fallen mugu to one of the theories…

According to this story in the  Compass newspapers, a woman has stepped forward to confirm that indeed an accident took place and her husband who collided with the Governor’s vehicle is still cooling off behind bars.

Mrs. Callister Nnawuihe, whose husband collided with Governor Rochas Okorocha in the now famed auto crash in the Orlu area of Imo State has declared that her husband has been in the custody of the police sequel to the accident that occurred two weeks ago.

Responding to questions by our correspondent concerning the welfare of her husband and the circumstances of the accident, the woman who was not exactly forthcoming with information of the incident confirmed that her husband was not treated at Orlu alongside the Governor as earlier reported but was taken all the way to Federal Medical Centre, Owerri for treatment.

On whether her husband was implicated in the accident by running foul of traffic rule, she said she was not at the scene of the accident and has not had the opportunity to discuss extensively with her husband since the accident.

According to her, her husband is a gentle, law abiding man and was certain he is innocent of any traffic or criminal allegation in the circumstance.

On why her husband was being held, she said that she was informed that it is ‘for security reasons’. Nnawuihe who said her husband would not be allowed to talk to our correspondent, however expressed hope that everything will work out fine once the governor returns from his overseas trip, he was moved for treatment. …



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