The battle of light and darkness in Imo State. – Oqye Dili

What sorrow for those who say that evil is good and good is evil, thatdark is light and light is dark, that bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter. New Living Translation (©2007)


Matthew 6:23 But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!

These were words from the scriptures of the Bible putting in perspective the different human dispositions and world view. A culture of impunity and contempt by minds and hearts. A generation of darkminded and unreasonable men and women. A collection of predator. Individuals whose collective worth is dishonor and shame. Crooks of brutal and vindictive motivations. Fraudulent men and women who have acquired prominence through subtility. Decorated rogues crowned with stollen ornaments. What an irony?


In a society where dignity and honor  possessed worth and virtue is celebrated, such characters and charlatans who parade the corridors of power in Abuja, sneak Imo State at night like thieves and impersonate as political big wigs and leaders of IMO people should have had their names boldly carved on the walls of the prisons where the are awaiting execution or serving life sentences.


In the last four year, and beyond, these angels of darkness subtly acquired credentials and massed stollen wealth from the IMO State treasury. They preoccupied themselves with looting of public funds through non-executable contracts. With these misappropriated resources, they have sustained their trade of shame and payment for cheap lies and blackmails against IMO State and her people. Haven created, during their time in government, quantum poverty and even on the eve of their departure from government, in brave contempt for sound reason and judgement, endorsed the planting of social and economic landmines against the incoming government of Governor Okorocha. In a bid to cover their shame, defrauded unemployed youths of IMO State by collecting compulsory N5,000.00 and backed-dated their employment for non existent jobs without any of these impostors leader questioning and challenging such criminality is a clear indication of how moraly castrated these questionable leaders truly are.


The victory of the APGA Party led by His Excellency Owelle Rochas A. Okorocha, the Executive Governor of IMO State in April 2011 general election predictably cast these unholy characters and human urchin unto jobless existence. What more, except that these moral dwarfs were left with no other options than to engage in corporate mischief and constitute political nuisance as executive miscreants.


Today, the likes of Willy Amadi, Hope Uzodimma, Kema Chikwe, Ihedioha, Ikiri Ikedi Ohakim, have all becomes leaders. Arthur Nzeribe, Duruihoma, C.O.C Akaolisa, Adaokwuonu, Boni Ebili etc and the list continues. These men and women have moral questions. What were their roles in the ill fated administration of Ikedi Ohakim? What did their relationship offer to their cerebral deceptive ally?  Are they all patners in the looting of the resources of Imo State compelling mismanagement and underdeveloment to assume the stigma and disgust it enjoyed in Imo State prior to Governor Rochas’ assumption of office? Are they the sponsors of the vices eating deep into the fibres of the ranks of Imo youths and projecting crime as the corporate identity of our people?


Where are the industries and investment from which their millions flows and how many sons and daughters if IMO State are in their employments? What are their reputations in the communities and how are they perceived among their honest and upright kit and Kins?

For Governor Rochas, as a son of IMO state, we can attest to his pedigree. We may not agree all the time with his style since we are not the Spirit of God that guides his people but we can tell his history and journey to governance. His unquestionable hospitality and passion for the good and well being of the indegent and less privileged in the society. His quantum disposition to uplift the IMO people and deliver them from the history of retrogression. We can tell of His business as an estate developer, teacher, importer and vendor of cars, pharmaceuticals and general contractor. We know his Rochas Foundation Colleges where over 6,000 Nigerian children have found answer to their prayers to mould their future through education.

Today, in IMO State education at all levels in state owned schools are free. Modern Hospitals, Secondary and Primary schools constructions are at advanced stages of completion in all local government headquarters and communities.


The problem these agents of darkness are having are multi dimensional. They owe the IMO people explanations for what exactly they were doing with public funds in the past four year. The problem most of them wish Rochas is that he should not complete the jobs he has started. Governance is a continiuos exercise and not the exclusive assignment of Governor Okorocha. Wherever he is able to get the projects, if the IMO people are allowed to vote another responsible and accountable servant and nation builder into office, there will be undoubtedly continuity.



In their desperation, their failed attempt to use the immediate past Local Governemnt Chairmen to distract His Excellency Rochas Okorocha yielded no dividend. What one wonders is where such mischief has led them and their cronies productively. What will happen, if they deploy the resources at their disposal in supporting the Governemnt by offering scholarships to youths from at least their immediate communities? Could their resources have been better put to effective use and their positive efforts commended by the ever appreciative Imolites? These disciples of do or die politics and benefactor of serial economic rapists are bent on reversing the blessings of IMO People.

The battle over the soul and welbeing of IMO State rages on. A battle between the light and darkness. For PDP, The APGA government in IMO State is assuming a national threat and people from within IMO State must be empowered and allowed to carry out the systematic desecration of and destruction of the economic worthiness of the state. But must IMO sons and daughter become cheap and ready tools in the hands of the detractors to bring their wishes to pass?  The light certainly shines in the darkness and darkness cannot comprehend it.

Governor Rochas must stay focused as that is the only recipe for achieving and delivering on his campaign promises to his people. He must be willing when the prodigal sons and daughter return to receive them but must ensure that the awesome accomplishments in less than one year does not suffer in any way. His Excellency must be ready for those that may fall by the way side. Darkness must give way to the light in IMO State and IMO truly must be better.





Let him that have ears hear!!!

Written by: Oqye Dili



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