The New First Lady of Imo State, Her Excellency Mrs.Nkechi Okorocha


Behind our state Governor, H.E Rochas Okorocha stands a great woman. I have heard nothing short of pleasant stories about our new First lady, H.E Mrs. Nkechinyere Okorocha.

Sure enough, almost every IMO person in diaspora is curious to learn about her. We decided to boycott Googles have much  so we decided to snoop around for your reading pleasure..

In the course of our waka, we ran into Three different people who happened to know her very well. The first person was a close relative , the other, a former member of the Rochas Foundation club and the third was a former neighbour!!

Hear them:

Anonymous A: His wife is such a sweet and nice person. She is very God-fearing and quiet. You will not hear her voice in public. Very humble. That woman is like Gold.

Anonymous B: They are stunch Christians. Owelle’s wife does not wear make up. I have seen her severally. I use to be a member of th Rochas Foundation club. I have not seen them since 2002.

Anonymous C: That woman is very very humble. She always has a smile on her face. I dont know how else to describe her. She is just a mother figure. Nne oha. When you go to her house, she will personally dish out food for you and offer you anything to make you happy. When you are talking to her, she makes you feel relaxed. She doesnt even like attention so I don’t know how ndi Government house will do about that. She is not a Media person. She is a very private.

Now, what other information would be more valuable than the one that is obtained from people who have had personal encounters one way or the other with Her Excellency?

God bless Your Excellency for being such a huge inspiration . Welcome to Douglas House!


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