THROWING CAUTION TO THE WIND AFTER 40: A case study of Okpalake.

While enjoying the Comics authored by our dear Kelechi Okpaleke, whichordinarily should have remained in his world of fantasy, it is about time we separated farce from reality.

Kelechi Okpaleke, the former Commissioner to the erstwhile Governor of Imo State State a.k.a Ikiri is a man so easy to read. I could remember the first time I met a man of Varity whose life revolves around profanity.

As Ohakim’s former Commissioner for information, could Okpaleke tell the Imolites the achievements of Ikedi Ohakim. While shoping for a lying star as his Commissioner for Information, Ohakim misfired by mistakenly hiring one of the best with good conscience to be his number one Information officer.  It was said that the appointed Commissioner’s stance for professionalism and getting things done in acceptable manner with good conscience and this angered the then Governor. Meanwhile, among mega alternative lying stars available to him for consideration was Kelechi Okpaleke. However, it is also worrying to note that despite Okpaleke’s dexterity in the lying business, he still could not make a quarter of a year in that administration.

Let’s wait a minute; does it make sense to begin to answer a man whose conscience is already mortgaged for stomach? Again, knowing Okpaleke’s moral standing before one begins to address a strange issue with a strange personality may be considered a worthwhile.

I just do not want to go personal at this time because a discerning mind would have noticed that a man under account has got not no value in the first place.

To begin to answer Okpaleke’s hypothesis over Governor Okorocha’s Policies and programmes will only give credence to rubbish as everything ever put forward by our dear Okpaleke is nothing but smear talk born out of frustration.

It is also important at this point to thank Okpaleke for his courage to say the truth for the first time ever since I got to know him. Agreeing in the first place that Governor Okorocha’s administration is building twenty-seven new Hospitals in twenty seven Local Governments in Imo State the the person of Okpaleke’s make up requires. That is the first truth ever told by Ohakim’s hatchet man. Saying that the hospital is to be sold to the Muslim firms is a confirmation that Okpaleke is a man whose reasoning faculty should be examined. That was a smart one but cheaply bought.

I call on the Federal Government and all the security Agencies to analyze Okpaleke’s inciting words at a time Nigeria is fighting a battle of its life over disintegrating issues emanating from religious fanaticism. Is it an issue to be recklessly explored all in the name of getting back at Okorocha for taking over their “Birth right”?

Governor Okorocha’s vision is to turn Imo into a medical tourist centre where the world will come for both health solutions and partnership for business ventures. I ask, can Okpaleke point at any Hospital built under Ikedi Ohakim’s administration? Even the once built by our predecessors were run aground. I am also happy that Okohia born Ikiri shamelessly came out from hiding to grant an interview but can somebody please read people’s responses especially that of his kinsmen. It is a shame.

It is also note worthy that at the time Governor Okorocha came on board, Imo State University Teaching hospital could not boast of two patients owing to the Administration’s inhumanity and wickedness to Imolites. Medical Students for over Twelve years could not graduate due to accreditation problem Gov. Okorocha came on board and did his job and today, those future – life – saving leaders have graduated. please, I know that talking is cheap and by law, people are allowed to air their views. With the present Government’s plan in Health Sector, we shall have technology transfer as most of best in the world health sector would gladly come to Imo to work. Mr. Okpaleke, I appeal that you do not be faster than your shadows. Let us have the hospitals completed first, then, we shall look at the administration’s adoptable strategies to administer and make it what it is worth.

Again, I am appalled by your shameless outing in Governor Okorocha’s free Education Scheme. Saying that Universal Basic Education Scheme has taken care of free Education is, to say the least, speaking from both sides of the mouth. It was Okpakele’s boss who said that free Education is impossible anywhere in the world. Primary School Pupils paid under Ohakim. Secondary School Students paid under Ohakim. Now that Governor Okorocha has dwarfed the avaricious PDP led by Ohakim by keeping to his electoral promises and even surpassing the opposition’s expectation, the only response left to them is throwing stones, pouring sands and propaganda.

All these selling and buying “Jokes” of Okpaleke is face saving and let us not be deluded by his rhetoric as he is only doing his job to eke out a living. Unfortunately, when a product is bad, it doesn’t matter how you package it, just taste it and the cosmetic wrap disappears. Again, how tasteful is Okpaleke as a brand? It is left for our pool of the people’s parliament to handle the investigation themselves. Ordinarily, I should not have been discussing personality but you just cannot appreciate a character without first appreciating the background and idiosyncrasies of the person under study. So, I am not asking for something that is out of place.

Furthermore, Thank God that most of us can read and write coupled with the fact that Imolites are intellectually sound. What Okpaleke is doing is basically a continuation of their ousted administration’s “strategy” of doing well only on the internet, print and electronic media. The make – believe approach to smear Governor Okorocha has, again, begun on the internet, Radio stations and some less than thorough and unprofessional media outfits. Please for those concerned and patriotic Imolites in Diaspora, kindly ask questions on the real thing on ground and request that the person be sincere in his reports.

Furthermore, what we are witnessing in Imo state of today is a radical change from hitherto primitive plundering of public fund to prudent and intelligent investment of state resources for the future of the people. Does it make sense to drink Champagne today and be confined to the dustbin of history tomorrow? God forbid says Okorocha just like Okpaleke and his team are battling to save face by trying hard to smear the excellent performances of Governor Okorocha.

The Concorde Hotel remains one of the legacies of Chief Onunaka Mbakwe of blessed memory. We all know the pillaging experienced in the said Concorde Hotel. Again, the same Concorde was leased to RHAS to manage. Meanwhile, where is the Four Hundred and Fifty Million Naira earmarked for the renovation of the Concorde Hotel? How come the then managers were claiming that Okpaleke’s Government was still owing them about Four Hundred Million Naira. What a joke? Can somebody please tell us what Concorde Hotel looks like today? Please Joi John, you were in Imo State, what is your take on what you saw and your experience when you patronized old Concorde Hotel.

Throwing caution to the wind by a man who is well over forty is an irredeemable conundrum. For me, nothing clean can come out Okpaleke as long as truth is concerned. For lies, honestly, he belongs to “A”class. Never again shall mediocrity be celebrated in Imo… the words of Okorocha. Where shall we place Okpaleke and his co – travelers in history? Posterity remains the best Judge.

– Uche Onwuchekwa 





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