Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab files for appeal. Argues life sentence is unconstitutional and cruel…. Huh?

Please, how many of us followed the case of the unrepentant rascal, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab? This was the boy that almost blew up a U.S airline on  Dec 25th, 2009.  Three years later, the courts hand down a double life sentence.  Even when many will argue that the Court was too lenient with their sentence, the Farouk of a boy had the guts to appeal their decision.

The New York times reports that he ” filed appeal documents in the US District Court in Detroit, filling out the papers after his sentencing and before he was hauled back to prison, the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press reported Friday. Speaking in court Thursday, Abdulmutallab, who has represented himself during the proceedings, said his actions were meant to avenge “the attacks of the United States on Muslims.”

Can you imagine the temerity?

Why did this case ended like this?.  For goodness sake, this was someone who had already prepared himself to die. If his plan had worked, we will not be discussing this today. Why not make it easier for him to join his ancestors, Bin laden , Anwar al Awlaki and co? Whatever happened to Lethal injections ? Whatever happened to death by firing squad?

  Instead of his family to be grateful that their son did not get the Death penalty, they are asking the U.S courts to review their sons life-sentence.   They even went a step further to issue a statement appealing   to the Nigerian Govt to engage with America to ensure a review is made to show justice. CONF– — USED!!!

What other  justice are we talking about  abeg?  Do they think the judiciary system in America operates the same way we do back here in Nigeria?



 Dear Abdulmutallab’s, please understand that this case is CLOSED!!



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