Voices from the Streets: What Gov.Okorocha must do to move Imo Forward


In a Radio programme recently, callers were given the opportunity to express their views on the leadership in the State.

Some of the responses from the callers were:

  • “He should pay the minimum wage so that the State can move forward”
  • Rochas should use the money he is using to travel abroad to pay the Civil Servants”

  • “Gov.Okorocha does not have the welfare of his people in mind.”
  • “Gov. Okorocha should negotiate with the workers . He should come back from abroad where he is enjoying himself and pay the Civil Servants.”

Another caller is of the opinion that the Secretary to the State Government  Prof.Tony Anwuka should be changed in order for the State to move forward. “

  • QUOTE: “… He should change the SSG so that the State can move forward. “

What does this mean ?

Hearing that comment was disturbing. A source who spoke with IMO STATE BLOG on conditions of anonymity said ” . . . .  .I believe the SSG (Prof. Anwuka) is too stiff. This is a peoples job because the rescue mission is for the people who gave them the mandate. We are getting disappointed with the administration.

 So far, Prof.Anwuka has been described as being very practical and straight-forward. So, where did things go wrong?

 It is in our understanding that the Chief of Staff to the State Government, Prince Eze Madumere had to step in to mediate with the Labour Union. We are yet to know what came out of the Meeting. . . . . . .

In other news His Excellency, Gov.Okorocha has since returned from his trip. Does it mean that in his absence, everything in the State goes  haywire?

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