Where are the CNN Sights and Sounds crew when you need them most?

Oya ooooo!!!!! Where  are the so called arranged crew from CNN hired to showcase the sights and sounds in Imo State to  potential FOREIGN INVESTORS?

Biko, we need them to also showcase the giant strides of the Kidnappers in Imo State.  We no fit shout anymore.  Every week, no less than four cases of Kidnap are reported in Imo State.

Instead of our dear Executive Governor , Rochas Okorocha and his Security advisers  to bend down and brainstorm how to get rid of this kidnapping in Imo, we are pumping money into things wey no get head.

The other day, we received a Press Statement signed by the SSA to the Governor on Media, Mr. Chinedu Offor talking about Imo State’s debut on CNN. See here

According to the release , the event would mark efforts by
Governor Rochas Anayo Okorocha to open up the state to foreign investors as part of his Imo Rescue Agenda Mission.


We are not saying its a bad idea o! All we are asking is, why spend money seeking for Foreign Investors to come and invest in a State that cannot even guarantee the safety of her own Citizens?     Or is it safe to assume that the IMO STATE GOVERNMENT has already patnered with a Kidnap & Ransom insurance agency that will insure these Investors when they arrive for business?  Who are we fooling ?

No be only CNN, we should go to the Moon!! Infact, what we need Okorocha to do is to launch a satelite in Mars that will be sending live updates to the whole the galaxy.   CNN my foot!  That is what families who have lost their loved ones to kidnappers in Imo State want to hear. What rubbish? Who in heavens name advises   Governor Okorocha abeg?

 CNN had better respect themselves and stick to their integrity, If they are looking for what to cover, let them come and focus  on the issue of Kidnapping in Imo State. Let them help us beg the international security firms to assist our baby Administration.  Off the top of my head, I have no less than  Twently-five families Imolites  can send them to for their documentary. That is the real sight and sound of Imo State. Nonsense!

Sights and sounds gbakwa oku!!

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