Why APGA Salutes Imo Rescuer (His Excellency Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha, OON) at 50.

Owelle, you have rescued the state from the shame of not having a befitting government house since creation and have totally transformed the seat of government to one of the best in Nigeria.


  • You have constructed a befitting office of the First Lady and Deputy Governor, (The Twin House),  one of its kind in Nigeria, including an ultra -modern banquet hall, a Press Center, the  world class Expanded Exco Chambers in honor of Dee Sam Mbakwe, the Council Chambers  in honor of Ndubuisi Kanu  and other structures.

  • You have rescued the state from the shame of not having a befitting Presidential lodge and VIP guest houses by constructing the Odenigbo Guest House.

  • You have rescued the seat of government from not having a place of worship in the Government House by constructing the 1,000 sitter capacity Blue Chapel to glorify God our creator.

  • You have rescued the abandoned Commissioners Quarters by remodeling and reconstructing of the place to modern befitting quarters that now provides comfortable accommodation to Commissioners thereby upholding the legacy of Sam Mbakwe.

  • You have rescued the state from the embarrassment of having our children in shanties in the name of schools  by embarking on an unbelievable construction of 305 ultra modern   international standard 12 classroom blocks elegantly standing on two floors in all the 305  wards of the state on which generation yet unborn will be proud of. All for our children to study in a conducive learning environment.

  • You have rescued the   state from the shame of not having a befitting Deputy Governors lodge by remodeling and reconstructing it into a palatial edifice, making it one of the best Deputy Governors House in the country.

  • You have rescued the health sector by embarking on the construction of 27 state of the art  general hospitals in all LGA, s which will also guarantee health tourism when fully completed.

  • You have rescued the health sector by constructing the first ever Diagnostic and Renal Center which will be managed by an Israeli medical team when completed.

  • You have also rescued our children from declining interest in science subjects by building the  first ever Young Scientist College in the state located at the old IBC premises.

  • You have rescued  Owerri the capital city  from not having a befitting  model school by building the unique modern school now called Owerri City School located at the old Township Primary School.

  • You have rescued the capital city of Owerri by embarking on massive infrastructural development, including landscaping, dualization of major roads and a face lift for key  street  like Weathral Road and beautification of major round- a- bouts in the city.

  • You have rescued the state from the shame of renting a liaison office in Abuja for over a decade.  You have completed the  building abandoned for  17 years ago, which is now transformed into an edifice . You have commenced the building of another edifice-   A pride for Ndi-Imo

  • You have rescued  the Mbari Cultural Center from imminent collapse by reconstruction of the Mbari Theater  and the construction of the cultural display center which will transform it into a tourist center.

  • You have rescued the state from traffic congestion challenges by constructing a new road in honor of Dee Sam Mbakwe that runs from Bank Road to Emmanuel College, Aba Road that will decongest Warehouse junction traffic. Construction of Weatheral Road Extension to Aba Road   to decongest the Aba /Douglas Road traffic.  A new road in honor of Chief Achike  Udenwa Road at the back of Assumpta  Cathedral to decongest Assumpta round about traffic. All these projects are on-going, once completed traffic congestion in Owerri will be a thing of the past.

  • You have rescued Orlu city   by breaking the age long jinx of non development by totally transforming  the area, award of contract for the construction of the Prince Hotel, construction of shopping malls and dualization and construction of all roads in the city to make Orlu a modern city.

  • You have rescued Okigwe city by breaking the jinx of non development for decades by total transformation of the area, dualization   and construction of roads. Award of construction of a five star Princess Hotel for which 40 percent of the contract sum has been paid. Also the construction of shopping malls and a contract for a stadium all to make Okigwe a modern city. With these  we shall no longer sing the age long song of “obodo Nile emepechala ofo Ndi Okigwe na Orlu”.

  • You have rescued the state from the accommodation challenges of government house staff by construction of staff quarters at old Ministry of Works, Okigwe Road.

  • You have rescued the image of Ndigbo by construction of the Ikemba Ojukwu Center which contains the Children’s Park, the Imo Hall of Fame, the Heroes Villa, the Multi-Purpose Hall, the Administrative Office and the Heroes Bridge which also serves as a tourist attraction. Ndigbo are proud and appreciate you  for the befitting burial accorded Ikemba at death.

  • You have made your administration truly the people’s government by bringing for  the first time the Freedom Square, which will guarantee freedom of speech and protest.  The center which  contains  the Peoples Embassy, Freedom Park, the White House, International Conference Center, and the Bongo Square, stands conspicuously at the old Imo Hotel Bank Road.

  • You have rescued the state from the embarrassment of not having a center for major events by constructing the Heroes Square which is comparable to the Eagles Square in Abuja.

  • You have rescued the state from the shame of poor road network by embarking on a  massive Road Revolution of over 1,000   Kilometers of road in the cities of Owerri, Okigwe and Orlu and 27 L.G.A. A history making project when completed.

  • You have rescued the dilapidated Concorde Hotel, built by Dee Sam Mbakwe  from becoming a cockroach and rat infested place to an international hotel-keeping the legacy alive.

  • You have rescued sports by becoming the first Governor in Nigeria through Heartland Football Club   to win the coveted Federation Cup back to back. You have also renovated the existing stadium and construction of two new stadiums in Orlu and Okigwe.

  • You have rescued the Imo Broadcasting Corporation (IBC)  by constructing it’s headquarters at it’s  abandoned permanent site, providing a 24 hours power supply for the first time in over 20 years, affiliating  with the famous Voice of America, construction of a befitting headquarters for the Statesman  and Government Printing Press all now in the same premises, making IBC a center of excellence.

  • You have rescued the controversial Oguta Wonder Lake, which has embarrassed our people on the Internet for so long by practically constructing a brand new conference center and refurbishing the Oguta motel into an international standard that we can be proud of.

  • You have rescued the over 30 years abandoned Imo State Legislative Quarters into ultra modern apartments   now called Heroes Apartment – A great project of joy.

  • You have rescued the comatose Adapalm to a full fledged industry which has already brought to the state coffers 3.2 Billion Naira in profit and employed over 2,000 indigenes of the state- this is a miracle.

  • You have rescued the challenges of professionalism among our teeming youths by building the first ever Imo College of Advance Professional Studies (ICAPS) for training of professional which makes each youth self employable and helping to develop service industry in our state. A great vision.

  • You have rescued the culture of Ndigbo by promoting Igbo language and introduction of first ever traditional parliament in the state. -just to keep Igbo language alive.

  • You have rescued the state from the shame of not building a home for Dee Sam Mbakwe, by building not only a befitting home for him but also building a befitting home for all former governors like Chief Achike Udenwa, Evan Ewerem and Ikedi  Ohakim, as provided for by the law of Imo  State. -What a large heart.

  • Your effort in the security sector by providing well equipped 100 pick ups for fighting kidnapping to Police, Army and the SSS is highly appreciated.

  • You have restored the pride of our people in agriculture by launching the back to land program to unlock the agricultural potentials of the state and make our people self sufficient in food production. Thank you for the plant a palm program of your administration.

  • You have rescued the fallen standard of education by ensuring that every school has adequate and trained teacher unlike before where schools have one teacher to about 140 pupils. For the first time in the history of the state, head teachers and Principals have received 200,000 (two hundred thousand Naira) each for minor needs of their schools.

  • You have made provision for free uniforms, school desks  and even bursary  to an approximately 750’000 children which has led to over 100per cent enrollment increase of students in the state since you assumed office just a year ago-making our state number one in education.

  • You have rescued Imo State University from imminent collapse by  increasing their subvention 200 percent by  paying 252 million Naira monthly as against 57 Million previously paid by past governments.

  • Your goodwill also brought the famous Layola Jesuit University to the state to be located at Ngor Okpala, which will bring development to the Ngor Okpala people.

  • You have rescued the Imo  State University  Teaching Hospital from imminent collapse and non graduation of medical students . You have also increased their subvention  to about 100 percent from 54 million Naira to 95 million Naira which has resuscitated the institution. Also the completion of all outstanding projects and the installation of MRI machines bought by Gov. Achike Udenwa but let to rot for over four years is also highly appreciated . Now the hospital is a beehive of activities.

  • Your goodwill has brought to the good people  Imo State  the first Imo European University  located in Ogboko Ideato. These  will address  the non-admission challenges faced by Imo children to universities.

  • You have rescued the state from non payment of motivational salary of CONMES, CONHESS to doctors and CONTISS and CONUASS to lecturers which many states are still grappling with.

  • You have rescued the poor masses by introduction of Health at your Door step and carrying out preventive checks for diabetes, high blood pressure, at no cost to our people. God bless you.

  • You have rescued missionary schools by approving 450 million Naira grant to their  schools which 50 percent of  the amount  has already been paid.

  • You have rescued  poor  parents of the agony of paying for school fees by declaring free education in primary, secondary and University,  the first of its kind in Nigeria , an indirect way of empowering the poor parents who will use the school fees for other home needs.-Amazing, you  are indeed Commander of Free Education. (CFE)

  • You have rescued the state from the reckless spending by past administrations by renegotiating over bloated fly over contract by Raycon  Limited and  Road contracts by MCC. You have saved for our state up to 5.7 billion Naira which is now in the coffers of the state government for other meaningful projects.

  • You have  also saved for the state 1.3billion Naira over payment to contractors of the Ahiajoku Conference Hall.

  • Rescuer, your goodwill brought back Shell oil company to invest over a 3.6 Billion Nara gas project at Asa , Ohaji Egbema which guarantees jobs and revenue to our  state. We are also grateful to Shell and the Federal Government.

  • You have rescued our poor pensioners from the pains of non-payment of pensions for periods of between two to twelve years which you have now paid.

  • You have rescued the state from the evils of over centralization of political power by introducing the 4th tier government which allows for grassroots participation in governance. We hail your Rochanomics Ideology. The Kwashiokorism, Ohasherism and Ofusherism Theory. You have re-defined democracy as government of the people, by the people, for the people, and with the people.

  • You have rescued the state from the  ridicule of  non- payment of minimum wage by  paying not just the 18,000 Naira prescribed  by the federal government but increasing the minimum wage of Imo workers  to 20,000 Naira, the first of it’s kind in Nigeria.

  • You have opened the secrecy surrounding government by running the most open, transparent, accountable, people oriented and prudent administration since the creation of the state.

  • You have motivated Imolites to walk with pride and dignity the world over by your verifiable achievements within one year in power, a feat not equalled by any administration since the creation of the state.

  • You have transformed the look of  our civil servants  as they now look elegant in their new attire, giving them  the needed confidence to move the state forward.

  • Your sacrifice  by giving back to the state over four billion Naira of your unaccountable security vote which is now judiciously utilized for free education  in our state is highly appreciated. What a sacrifice.

  • Your effort to resuscitate the Avutu Poultry and the Nsu tiles in Ehime Mbano which had been abandoned for over 17 years is highly appreciated.

  •  Your legacy projects like the Imo Towers of 1,000 housing units,the Ecumenical center known as Amarachi  and the  magnificent towers  known as Akachi, the five star  Crystal Hotel, ultra modern shopping malls, Multi level car parks, the ultra modern Judiciary Headquarters,   all designed to put Imo State into the Guinness Books of Records, and of which  40 percent of the contract sum have already  been paid will blow the mind of the people when completed.-We don’t want to talk about them now.

  • Thank you for re-paying the over 6.4 billion Naira loan borrowed from the U.B.A  by the immediate past  administration.

  • Thank you giving us a first lady that for the very first time have united Imo women.

  • Thank you Owelle for prudent use of our state resources.

  • Thank you for teaching us not to join issues with our detractors but to say to them, “God bless you“.

  • Thank you for ending the politics of Godfatherism in the state.

  • Thank you for not sharing public funds.


All these in just one year. Owelle, we are proud of you. If your one year in office is like this, what will your 4 years or 8 years look like?

 Let everyone read and celebrate with us


Prince Okofoafor Anyanwu
Imo State APGA Chairman


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