Countdown to the Main Elections. 20 Presidential Candidates file out..

After months of Campaigning, Agba cha oso, aguo mile!. Of the 20 Aspirants to the Presidency, the “boys” have been seperated from the “Men”.  Cant understand why the likes of  Dele Momodu, Pastor Chris Okotie and the rest stayed in the race this long. Its very unfortunate that the wealthy ones are surrounded by sychophants who sing their praises even when they are wrong. Even Ribadu!  In my opinion, Ribadu would have been more electable on any ticket in 2019. Not now… still too young to handle Nigeria. Our problems are too many for an inexperiened candidate.

For Gov. Shekarau of Kano State; I hear he performed very well as Governor and the people loved him for his integrity. He won a lot of people over in the Presidential debate with his intelligent responses but, I would be surprised if he polls in more votes than Gen.Buhari.

I have my reservations about General Buhari’s candidacy. While his party, CPC is banking on his glorious days as Head of State over 20yrs ago, I personally don’t think he will be that effective in elected leadership.

Our incumbent President, Goodluck Jonathan may very well be the Messiah we need.  Just the other day, he posted this message on his facebook page; “Before my sojourn in politics, I had no house, account or property outside Nigeria and all my kids schooled in Nigeria. When I became President by the grace of God and the wish of Nigerians my story did not change. Everything remains the same. My political offices never altered my taste for things Nigerian. Till the day I die, Nigeria will be the centre of my world. GEJ”

I am not one who is easily carried away by emotional statements made byPoliticians but, I was won over by his Humility.  Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is definitely my kind of President!

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