PDP should not be made to atone for the sins of Obasanjo.

One bad egg typically spoils the rest but can we keep Obasanjo out of our minds and move forward? After all the commotion Obasansjo caused in PDP…where is he now?  Thank God we foiled his 3rd term Presidential bid. We don’t need such leaders abeg.

I am definitely in support of the removal of Iyabo Obasanjo-bello, his daughter from office because, I don’t believe she got to the Senate on Merit in the first place. With the likes of Iyabo and others out of the way, it shows whatever machinery the Fmr. President had has been distablized. There are many Candidates running on the PDP platform  who truly mean well for our Country,  don’t write them off because they are under the “Umbrella”.  Obasanjo is back to his farm. Doubt he has anything to loose or gain really…not anymore. My 2 kobo.

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