Voters respond to Gen.Buhari's teary "Oscar" performance. Not moved by his tears, walk down memory lane with him.

Nduka Irabor, Tunde Thompson and other Journalists cried when Buhari jailed them. Tai Solarin the Activist cried when Buhari sent him to jaill for publicly opposing him. Fela Ransome Kuti, the Musician, cried when he was jailed by Buhari. Parents and friends of Barth Owoh, Ojuolape and others cried when, they were sent to early graves. Former Governor of Imo Staet, the late Sam Mbakwe cried at Buhari’s marginalization of his people when PTDF was unable to construct a single road the South West, South South and South East  whereas, the same PTDF under Buhari constructed more than 98 roads in the Northern part of Nigeria.

Ambrose Alli cried when Buhari locked him up for nothing. Michael Ajasin cried and even became blind thanks Buhari.   Civil Servants cried when he retrenched 53,000 workers. Nigerians cried while queueing for their portions of scarce commodities like rice, sugar, salt, milk and toiletries. Students cried when he re-introduced payment of school fees. Our Economy cried when he increased external debts by $3bn in 1year. Lagosians are still crying from road traffic because He cancelled the Metroline Railway Project. Nigerians have cried for more than 17 years of military rule resulting from Buhari’s criminal regime. What goes around, comes around. Tears never begin flow from Buhari’s eyes yet. All Nigerians need is credibility not tears.

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