Why does Pastor Chris Okotie keep disgracing himself? What manner of Faith is this, please?

Pastor Chris Okotie should stop ridiculing himself. This is becoming such a big joke. From the Disco Hall  to the Pulpit…. and now to where? Presidency?  Laughing-out-loud!! Aspiration on Illusion?    Who are his advisors?   As for the gorgeous new wife of his,  can she boldly look me in the eyes and tell me she honestly believes in her heart that her Husband stands a chance?  Or am I to assume that every one member of his Church will be casting / wasting their vote on him?

No one who genuinely means well for this man would have allowed him repeat his intentions outside the four corners of his house let alone, to his Congregation. In 2003, he showed up out of the blues, 2007, he could not be left out…. and now in 2011… . What manner of Faith is this, please?

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