FOLLOW UP: The real identity of the woman allegedly “beaten by her husband”. .

Recently, we posted a picture of a lady who was allegedly beaten to pulp by her husband. As we all know, there are are always two sides to a story.  IMO STATE set out asking questions to ascertain the identity of this young Nigerian woman that was allegedly panel beaten by her husband in Lagos. It was said that her jaw was dislocated and she could barely utter a word. Two days later, nothing seemed forth coming as a follow up to the woman’s plight.


How can such a story hold us for work like this? Mba nu!!   Not when it’s published on IMO STATE BLOG!!! Armed with our Biro and  exercise book, we headed into the streets  seeking info on  the low down.


 Further investigations to the “story” revealed that the lady was neither a Nigerian nor beaten by her husband. According to our findings, the lady was a transvestite who went by the name, Barbara Paola. He/She was murdered in  Honduras. This incident was reported  in 2009. For those of us who can read in Spanish, please proceed to this link to learn about the incident which led to her death.


While many of us are relieved that this incident was not an another  issue of domestic violence recorded in Nigeria, it doesn’t erase the fact that the cases of domestic violence in the country are on the rise. The picture of this wo/man is not different from the ones we see in Nigeria.


Not to digress.


Following the conclusion of our investigation,  we  deemed it appropriate to publish our findings.   If you shared the previous story with your contacts, kindly do the same on this article.  Both articles will be cross-linked.

Thank you.

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