Reactions to Gov.Okorocha's decision to sacrifice $alary for Education Programme.

There have been mixed reactions towards Gov.Okorocha’s  decision to sacrifice his salary for the Free Education programme. Some of which I have decided to publish here.

  • Socrates: He should pls find something imaginative to do!

  • Joi John What is more imaginative than preparing the future generation for leadership tomorrow?

  • Michael  Does that mean he would sacrifice the ‘security vote’ too? Let him have his salary…it is his entitlement….but let him use the rest of all the state funds prudently, effectively and efficiently for the good of the people of the state. There is no need for propaganda.

  • Uche   This showmanship is pedestrian. We expect something deeper and more productive. if he sacrifices his salary, it means he does not believe in the doctrine of ‘fair pay for honest job”.

  • Phil   Governor Okorocha should please silence his critics by being well focused and guided by performance. Since he is on a rescue mission, action speaks more in in venture

  • Nick Lets not critize the guy yet, rich politicians here in US do it all the time, When Arnold Schwarzenegger became Governor of California, California was in Economic crisis like the one Rochas is facing, Arnold forgo his salary because he was rich already before coming in. When Richard Riodan became Mayor of Los Angeles he said he will only take annual salary of one dollar. Those men were applauded because they didn’t run for office because of the money, they came in because of the love and to give back. So if Rochas want to give back, because of the blessings God have bestowed on him we should applaud him and encourage him.

  • Benjamin: For me o, the advisers of Rochas will do well to steer him away from this unnecessary populism. It is beginning to sound like playing to the gallery. Do not crucify me yet. It is not for nothing that Chime has remained taciturn. And Amaechi Chibuike too. Yet we are happy with the things they are doing. We have seen such grandstanding before in Ekiti and Osun states. However, when the chips are down, nothing concrete is happening. He should do more governing and less talking. Elections are over so he does not need to buy our loyalty any longer. Let his developmental strides do the talking for him.

  • Onwa  wonderful gesture … i can understand the burning desire to transform Imo state! but let Okorocha be more constructive, quality education, serious infrastructural development, security and job creation.

  • Chigozie  thank you. You said my mind!! He talks too much and plays to the gallery alot. Let him keep quiet like Sullivan and just work the work!!

  • Samuel  Let us leave the guy alone and watch what he wants to do. He promised free education during the campaigns and now that he is in power if taking his salary will prevent him from fulfilling his promise, there is nothing else than to sacrifice it. If he does his job well, he will get a second term but if not he will be shown the exit door. Whatever he has to do he must do, the ball is in his court.

    To everyone else who shares the same views as my learned friends above,  just as I responded on the Forum, I will be repeating my response here:

    The showmanship may be Pedestrian but his effort should be applauded. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Sacrificing his salary means nothing more than his determination to actualize a DREAM close to his heart.

    How much is his salary anyway? 2-3Million naira maybe? Not sure . . . what ever it is will definitely go along way in the State Treasury.

    Before anyone on here throws the word sychophant my way, mind you that during the Campaign, I raised this issue up HERE:

    With that out of the way, let us remember that Gov. Okorocha is a man with a very humble beginning. As a child, he paraded the streets selling Cocoyam to make a living. From the streets of Jos to the number one seat in Imo State. His story is a testimony worth sharing. He may not be the only Govt official with such story but he is determined to make a difference with his. That is commendable.

      I share the same sentiments with Michael above; Gov.Okorocha knows that the expectations are high. I doubt he will allow himself to repeat the same mistakes his predecessors made.

    To Samuel, I say  No!. Let us not leave him alone. I like the fact that His Excellency is being criticized at this early stage. It is a good thing but as we criticize our leaders, let us also lift them up in prayers. With the fear of God in them, they will make the right decisions at all times.

    At this point, let us not be quick to jump to conclusions. Just as I responded to Socrates, what could be more imaginative than preparing the future generation for the Leadership tomorrow? I admire His Excellency for the HEART of GOLD he has. Gov.Okorocha built schools, granted Free scholarships to the less priviledged with his own Money as a private citizen. How much more as Governor of a state? We dont pray for it to be unrealistic. We should be optimistic that every plan he has mapped out for the people of Imo State will be achieved.

    I choose to stay positive.

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