Readers Mail: Should Traditional Rulers be allowed to campaign for Political Parties?


Please I wish to ask a question on this Imo State Blog : “Are traditional rulers supposed to campaign for any political party or aspirant during elections?”.

This question is very pertinent because of the shows of shame that took place in several communities during the last Imo state governorship election. The worst ones of note were those of Umuguma in Owerri and Umuopara in Onicha uboma, Ihitte Uboma LGA in which the EZEs shamelessly threatened their subjects into voting for the PDP especially for Ohakim.

I therefore enjoin the new Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha to investigate the roles of these EZEs especially that of HRH Eze Abel Osuji of Onicha Uboma, who even threatened his subjects not to paste the posters of any other political parties in his home town of Umuopara in Onicha Uboma. A good background investigation will reveal that this same Eze on some occasions slapped and violently assaulted subjects of non-PDP parties who tried to campaign or paste posters on legitimate sites.These he did openly to the witness of the intimidated community.

On the election days, he stood beside the polling booths with armed thugs and a powerful PDP chieftain from that area [in Ohakim govt] to threaten and watch whom his subjects were voting for.

This explained the overwhelming victory of the PDP in that region that actually benefited nothing whatsoever from the 12yr rule of the PDP.

We the worried observers urge the Governor-elect and his team to investigate this and put an end to this very ugly trend that is eroding our value system.

  Anonymous Citizen

God Bless Imo

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