READERS MAIL:Why did Imo State Government lie that ALL Pensioners have been paid?

  The sender of this email has raised dust on the non payment of retired Primary school teachers in Imo.  Dr.Ebirim reports that only “select” pensioners were paid . He questions why they were paid for only 5 months and accuses the Imo State Government for lying to the citizens that ALL pensioners in the State had been paid.

Proceed to read his email in its entirety. We no fit shout abeg.


From: Dr Ebirim  

Subject: Non payment of retired primary school teachers salary.

Message Body:

Hi, I previously commented in a post about the disturbing condition of retired primary school teachers in imo state and urged you to investigate but i’ve not seen anything on your blog!

Interestingly it seems that after the publicity i gave on your blog I just returned to the state after a two week absence to hear that suddenly retired primary school teachers in Imo state who are the worst treated in Nigeria were suddenly called by the immensely corrupt State Universal Basic Education Board and the Imo state govt and that some of them were paid 5 months arears of pensions out of the One year owed them while most others were told to go and wait for another time.


While this is commendable and while i strongly feel that my comments on your influential blog and personal email to govt house may have resulted in this sudden change of heart, I still think that this is shameful especially from our “RESCUE” governor this is so for the reason’s i’d list below:

1. Why should only select pensioners be paid without paying those that retired since 2008 and who have been receiving their pensions before?


2. Why pay them only 5 months (from april to september 2011)?

3. Why lie initially that ALL Pensioners have been paid?


4. Why are primary school teachers in other states being paid regularly?


5. Who misplaced the money and why?


These are burning question’s that must be answered and though we still consider ourselves blessed to have a Governor like Okorocha we must not let them go awry!


These old men and women who served the state should be paid forth with and upto february 2012 too!


We don’t wan’t propaganda govt like ohakims!


Joi you should take this up and find out the truth since most of the Teachers still believe that Saint Okorocha is not aware of their plight! Enough of suffering these men!








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